ICM Services

The following are some of the services available at the Islamic Center of Maryland:

The Dawah/Outreach Program of the ICM facilitates events to help people of other faiths learn more about Islam and its way of life. 

ICM has various committees dedicated to creating and improving programs for our Muslim brothers and sisters, as well as other events and activities.
More information can be obtained by visiting the
Center, by subscribing to our weekly newsletter or by submitting a contact us form. 

Daily Prayers

Prayers Starts Iqama
Fajr 6:08 AM 6:30 AM
Zuhr 12:19 PM 12:30 PM
Asr 2:53 PM 3:15 PM
Maghrib 5:12 PM 5:17 PM
Isha 6:30 PM 7:30 PM

Jumma Prayers

ICM 1st:
12:30 PM
Casey Comm. Center:
1:30 PM
Johns Hopkins Rockville:
12:30 PM
Hilton Hotel:
12:30 PM
1:20 PM
Wisconsin Place Community Center:
12:20 PM
ICM 2nd:
1:15 PM