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Construction Update

!!! Building Shell Completed – Stepwise Interior Finishing in Progress  – Click HERE to watch a short video of the progress as of Sept. 2018 !!!

  • ICM started construction of its 45,000 Sq-Ft Islamic School Youth & Community Center building in 2016
  • The first stage of construction required the building ‘shell’ to be built, complete with all exterior doors and windows
    • This work has been completed and is fully funded!
  • Second Stage of construction requires interior finishing ending with the issuance of ‘Use and Occupancy’ permit
    • This work is in progress!
  • Based on the bids, the total cost of the building is approx. $7.5M
    • With the ‘shell’ stage completed, the projected interior finishing cost is $3.5-$4M
  • ICM has already raised about $1.5M toward interior finishing
    • While this amount is not enough to turn the General Contractor ON for full-scope interior finishing, ICM is putting these funds to use by moving forward with stepwise interior finishing!
  • Due to construction permit time constraints and a minimum of 4% yearly increase in construction costs, full-scopeconstruction is the best answer to complete the building without forfeiting permit and assuming continuous cost increase!
  • This requires a minimum of $3M in hand; with $1.5M already raised, we need $1.7-$2M to go full-scope!
  • Recently, ICM launched a drive to collect 100 Qard Hasan of $20K each to raise $2M of the required $3M. Alhamdulillah, we have raised a little over $700K through this drive.
  • Note that Qard Hasan is a Good Loan (or Interest-Free Loan) that is extended to ICM for 3 or more years for the sole purpose of completing the new construction. The loan is documented in a contract prepared by the ICM’s Legal Counsel and fully backed and approved by the ICM Board of Trustees. The contract is signed by all parties and is notarized. The loan is returned in full on the due date or when demanded by the lender (based on any hardship or need). Additional guarantees can also be arranged for large Qard Hasan amounts ($300K or more). The contract document can be obtained by emailing a request to the ICM Office Administrator Mohammed Aslam at icmadmin@icomd.org.
  • If we can collect another $1.5-$2M in the form of Qard Hasan for 5 or more years or a combination of Qard Hasan and donations then we can immediately start full-scope interior finishing!
  • ICM will also dedicate major sections of the building (e.g. gym and multipurpose hall) based on matching donations
  • Note that ICM’s yearly net collections allow it to repay any loan within the agreed upon period.

Brothers & Sisters, the approx. 45,000+ sqft Islamic School, Youth, and Community Center building will not only provide us with much-needed space for large prayer services (Jummah & Eid salah) but will also add new and well-commissioned facilities for educational, athletic, and social activities. Note that our goal is to obtain approval for a full-time elementary level school also. With the building structure completed, we now need to raise the required funds to finish the interior in the shortest possible time. Every dua’ and every dollar counts. Please take a moment to make a quick donation by clicking on this link: Donation Online.

Please click on this link Building Interior to view the interior space and its intended and proposed use.

Please click on this link ICM-Master-Plan-Road-Map to have a quick and user-friendly view of the ICM Master Plan Implementation Road Map.

Implementing our Master Plan in phases provides us with the ability to add Phase-1 building without demolishing any of the existing buildings. Insha Allah, Phase-2 will see a new Masjid constructed that will require us to demolish all existing buildings. Having Phase-1 building available at that time will give us the required space to continue our operations without interruption.

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We hope by now you are convinced about ICM’s construction progress and milestones achieved.

The next step for you is to take part in it. Here’s how you can contribute to this worthy cause:

Make it a personal goal to contribute to this project. Ask Almighty Allah (SWT) for His help and blessings, keep this project in your thoughts, and inform others.

Take every opportunity to donate whatever you can to the Construction Fund. The estimated cost for the building construction is $7+ million. The building structure is up and interior finishing is in progress! We need $3.5-$4M and we have already raised $1.5M – Alhamdulillah.

Please click on this link to donate online – Donate Online.

Build ICM’s donors network by informing others and connecting us with individuals and families who would like more information. Informing and engaging others is the key to success!

Join the Direct Debit program. Allocate monthly amount to your level of comfort and pleasing. Identify your entire monthly direct debit amount or part of it to go toward construction. Click on this link – Direct Debit Form – to download and print the form.

Consider giving Qard Hasan (Good Loan) for Construction. Send an email to icmadmin@icomd.org for more information.

Join the Fundraising Committee and help identify ways and means to raise funds. Send an email to the fundraising committee on how to join.

Brothers and Sisters, remember that no prayer, amount, and effort are too little to help us finish the building. All of us have to meet Allah (SWT) one day. If we complete this project for the pleasure of Allah, it will be a testimony of our faith, devotion, and dedication to Islam and Muslims. As long as ICM exists, as long as prayers are offered, learning of Qur’an and Sunnah continues, the message of Islam spreads, the needy among us are served, and beneficial services are provided to both Muslims and people of other faiths in the area, it will Insha Allah benefit our souls in the form of Sadaqah Jariyah or continuous charity until the Day of Judgment.

But that’s not all; a completed ICM will be our greatest gift for generations to come. You will be part of raising new generations of Muslims who will be informed and balanced, who will have piety, wisdom, excellent character, and skills to benefit not only our community but the community at large.

May Allah (SWT) bless you and your loved ones for your time and attention.

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