ICM Social Services Committee would like to remind all members of the Muslim community that we provide counseling services for a wide range of issues including:

  • Marriage counseling
  • Youth counseling and juvenile delinquency help
  • Crisis / stress  management
  • Help overcoming addictions and use of intoxicants
  • Domestic violence
  • Depression and matters of faith

Counseling sessions are by appointment, private and confidential by experienced and trained personnel who seek solutions first and foremost through the guidance of Islam; then also by utilizing modern counseling theories and techniques.

To arrange a meeting for counseling contact ICM Social Services directly by going to Social Services/Zakat,  Contact Us.

Daily Prayers

Prayers Starts Iqama
Fajr 6:11 AM 6:30 AM
Zuhr 12:54 PM 1:30 PM
Asr 3:57 PM 4:45 PM
Maghrib 6:24 PM 6:29 PM
Isha 7:37 PM 8:00 PM

Jumma Prayers

ICM 1st:
1:30 PM
Casey Comm. Center:
1:30 PM
Johns Hopkins Rockville:
1:00 PM
Hilton Hotel:
1:00 PM
1:20 PM
Wisconsin Pl. Comm. Center:
12:50 PM
ICM 2nd:
2:15 PM