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Sisters Committee

Sisters Committee

The Sisters’ Committee of the ICM is charted to act as the liaison body to the BOT and other ICM Committees on behalf of the ICM sisters’ community. As such, the Committee will help to facilitate specific sisters’ related needs and requests for ongoing ICM events and activities. The Committee shall be responsible for compiling and coordinating the sisters’ specific requests and communicating them to the BOT and other ICM
Committees as needed. The Committee shall also help to support where necessary (as directed by the BOT or other ICM Committees) the implementation of such requests. The Sisters’ Committee shall be bound by the bylaws of the ICM and shall not in any way duplicate the activities or efforts of exiting ICM Committees; i.e. all activities and events shall continue to be coordinated with the existing ICM Committees.

While the charter described above allows for more streamlined and unified access to the BOT and the ICM Committees for sisters’ needs and concerns, it shall not in any way, disallow or inhibit any individual sister within the ICM community from accessing the BOT or any of the ICM Committees directly for issues that they would like to raise to either of these bodies.

To contact us, please send an email sisters@icomd.org or call 301-840-9440 and leave a message for the Sisters Committee.

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