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Social Services

ICM SOCIAL SERVICE FOOD BANK ICM Social Service Food Bank provides a monthly food box for community families who need assistance. The community donates non-perishable food items that are then packaged for monthly pick-up. Our distribution list is growing and ongoing donations of non-perishable items are needed so that we may serve all those that need help. ITEMS NEEDED: rice, oil, sugar, pasta, tuna, cereal, kids snacks, dates, tea, coffee,  jam, peanut butter, cookies, laundry detergent, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. If you would rather make a donation, please make checks to ICM and include “Food Bank” on the memo line. A basic staple box of food items costs $50. DROP OFF LOCATION:  THE ICM MASJID ONLY

ICM SS participates in clothing drives when there is a need in our service areas or if there is a domestic or international request.  Drives are conducted as follows:
a.  Winter Clothing Drive (November – February);
Items Needed:  Coats & Jackets (all ages); gloves, socks. 
Currently, all our winter drives have been completed.  If you still want to donate winter clothes, please give to other community organizations.  
b.  No current domestic/international request for clothing at this time.
PLEASE inquire if we have a clothing collection prior to donating by sending an email to socialservices@icomd.org
ICM SS assist families that are looking for home health caregivers, nannies, daycare workers, housekeepers, and mommy’s helpers.  Our services are limited but we try to match families that need services with those that are looking for skilled employment.  This is not a full-blown placement service but is limited in nature.  Please email socialservices@icomd.org if you are looking for employment in the above areas or if you want to hire someone with those skills.  We will do our best to assist in a good match. This service is limited to the Gaithersburg/Rockville/Potomac/Silver Spring areas.
 PLEASE inquire for particulars by sending an email to socialservices@icomd.org
The ICM Budget Counseling service is a need-based service.  Anyone requiring these services to better manage income and expenses is welcome to utilize this one-on-one session. 
If you need to schedule a session, please send an email to socialservices@icomd.org.
ICM SS also collects formal/dressy clothing one month prior to Ramadhan for our Ramadhan/ Eid Boutique.  This boutique serves those that need clothing/accessories/shoes for Eid Al Fitr.  We have been serving communities in Gaithersburg, DC (Ivy City, Ar Rashidun, IRHSCA), Baltimore, Philadelphia and & Northern Africa.  We ask that all clothing be formal & dressy, new or lightly used, ironed and hung on wire hangers prior to dropping off.  We will be announcing the dates for collection in 2019 inshaAllah. We normally collect:
a.  Desi Shalwar Kameez for men, women, children (ironed and hung on wire hangers)
b.  Abayas & Sarees
c.  Shirts, pants, tops, hijabs
d.  Shoes, handbags, jewelry
PLEASE inquire about the dates for collection one month prior to Ramadhan by sending an email to socialservices@icomd.org
ICM SS conducts an Eid Gift program for needy communities in DC, providing gifts for newborn – 16-year-old girls and boys for Eid Al Fitr.  The community provides wrapped gifts with notes addressed to the recipients sharing the blessing and joy of Eid.  Recipient communities include Ivy City Masjid (DC), Ar Rashidun (DC), IHRSCA (DC).  Approximately, 200 gifts are distributed through this service.  
PLEASE inquire  about the collection dates one month prior to Ramadhan by sending an email to socialservices@icomd.org

ICM collects and distributes meat to the needy in the Gaithersburg community.  Collection and distribution dates are set up by the ICM Administration and announced.  Approximately 250 – 300 families are served through this program. 

The ICM & The ICCP Communities combine efforts and collect school backpacks and supplies for DC student and Refugee families one month prior to the beginning of the school year. Basic supplies and backpacks for Elementary, Middle & High School students are provided for our local community, Ivy City, Ar Rashidun, and Refugee families.  Over 100 full backpacks are distributed annually.
PLEASE inquire in August about our School Supply project by sending an email to socialservices@icomd.org


Montgomery County Interfaith Refugee Resettlement Neighbors


How We Got Started:

People in the United States have yearned to do more to help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people for a number of years.  Their exodus by water to Europe, with the iconic picture of the young Syrian boy, washed up on a Greek beach in the Fall of 2015, prompted many individuals, faith groups in Montgomery County and elsewhere to try to do something to aid the Syrians.

In October 2015, a number of faith communities and some individuals not associated with faith communities started working with the Islamic Center of Maryland (ICM) to come together in a unified way.  This was the genesis of MCIRRN with its hub at ICM.

The group started organizing and reached out to the three national refugee resettlement agencies in Montgomery County.   MCIRRN is currently working closely with the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) and initiating a similar relationship with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS), and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).  

In June 2016, Syrian refugee families finally started arriving in the United States in higher numbers.  MCIRRN has served 38 families from 7 different countries (Syria, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Sudan, Cuba, Colombia, and Chad).

MCIRRN consists of about 14 Muslim groups, 10 Christian groups, and 5 Jewish synagogues.  More groups and individuals are learning about MCIRRN and are joining as members or networking groups to provide similar services.  MCIRRN volunteers work through committees such as Housing, Employment, Education, Health Advocacy, Orientation/Mentoring, Social Events, Outreach,  Supplies, Translation, etc. to accomplish their goals.   

We welcome secular, faith communities and individuals to join us in this endeavor.  If your group would like a more extensive presentation about MCIRRN, we would be happy to schedule a time to make that possible.

For more information and/or to schedule a presentation, contact:

Shahnaz Baten (MCIRRN Founder)



Bob Cooke (MCIRRN Outreach Committee Chair)