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Working Committees

Committee Name Description Contact us  link
Administration Manages daily operations, front office, etc. Administration
Burial Services (Waqf) Manages burial sites at Al-Firdaus Memorial Gardens and funeral procedures. Burial Services
By-laws Manages by-laws, arbitration procedure, annual elections, and other legal aspects. By-laws
Dawah / Outreach Manages community outreach programs and dissemination of literature and information. Dawah/Outreach
Engineering & Construction Manages new construction including the Master Plan as well as improvements to the existing facilities. Engineering and Construction
Facilities Manages maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the facilities. Facilities
Fundraising Plans and coordinates fundraisers and other similar events. Fundraising
IT/Web Manages ICM and School Website/contents, the weekly newsletter, Masjid Network, Donation and other Devices, Phone, and other communication. IT/Web
Masjid Manages Masjid programs, Jumaa’ programs, speakers, halaqas, evening programs. Masjid Programs
Membership Manages and maintains ICM membership list (including new and renewals). Membership
Social Services Manages procedures for Zakah, Sadaqa, and related financial help, limited counseling services for marital, spiritual, and psychological issues as well as transitional housing. Social Services
Umee & Me Mother and child resource center, which provides a safe and disciplined environment where growing children can play, learn, and explore. Umee and Me
Weekend School School for Quran and Islamic Studies Weekend School
Youth (MYICM) Manages youth programs, summer camp, sports, youth halaqas, and other events and activities. Youth